Who is CRIF

Our mission, vision and values

The mission that drives CRIF is to create value and new opportunities for consumers and businesses by providing reliable information and solutions, allowing more powerful decisions and accelerating digital innovation.

Since 1988, CRIF has been responsibly supporting its clients globally in their everyday financial journey, through trusted information, advanced cutting-edge solutions, and unique expert knowledge.

CRIF helps credit supply meet demand; supporting institutions to manage lending more efficiently and effectively and providing specific help to millions of consumers and businesses to access credit more easily. CRIF provides advanced solutions to decision-makers in the banking, financial, insurance, telecommunications, utilities and business world, starting from listening and understanding the business needs which make each company unique and different. Every day, the people at CRIF serve their clients with knowledge, commitment and passion to help them to grow: together to the next level.

Our values

Being at the cutting edge

Thanks to your capacity to understand the needs of global markets and to innovate. To be at the cutting edge

Thinking outside the box

Always asking yourself "why not" and not putting limits on reaching challenging objectives.

Widening our view

By not taking anything for granted and aspiring to be the best.

Pursuing excellence

In order to ensure the best quality of service at all times, wherever you work in the world.

Challenging time

Your efficiency in anticipating market needs and moving swiftly into action, keeps us sharp.

Embracing worldwide differences

As citizens of the world, we reach new horizons.