CRIF BÜRGEL is a new member of the Financial Centre Initiative Frankfurt Main Finance

The information service provider CRIF BÜRGEL is a new member of Frankfurt Main Finance. Frankfurt Main Finance has been the financial centre initiative of the leading financial centre in Germany and the Euro zone since 2008. Its more than 70 members include the State of Hesse, the cities of Frankfurt and Eschborn, numerous renowned financial market players and their service providers as well as private and public universities.

Frankfurt Main Finance combines the strengths of the players in the financial centre, markets the location and creates top-class dialogue platforms.

"We are very pleased about the membership of CRIF BÜRGEL. As one of the leading information service providers in Germany, CRIF BÜRGEL fits perfectly into the ranks of our existing members, which consist of representatives from science, the financial industry, public administration and the emerging FinTech sector. Our cooperation strengthens the sustainability and performance of our network and will benefit the financial centre Frankfurt and ultimately our FMF members," says Hubertus Väth, Managing Director of Frankfurt Main Finance.

"Like CRIF BÜRGEL, Frankfurt Main Finance stands for openness towards innovation. Therefore, we are very happy about the membership and about the future cooperation with an excellent network within the financial sector. Frankfurt has established itself as the leading financial centre in Germany due to the high concentration of companies in the financial sector and is one of the most important financial centres worldwide. We would like to make the best possible use of the resulting synergies with Frankfurt Main Finance and the other members so that Frankfurt can further expand this leading position in the financial market. Furthermore, in line with our strategy, we are looking forward to cooperating and establishing contact with one of the most advanced international fintech hubs," says Christian Bock, CRIF BÜRGEL Managing Director.