Our clients

Because the best companies need the best solutions, at CRIF we are proud to offer our experience, knowledge and skills to our customers across a wide range of industries.

Financial Institutions

We offer a range of products and services tailored to any financial institution regardless of size, from local to global. Our solutions cover their unique management and decision automation needs, provide origination tools, as well as data analysis and classification to make fast and profitable lending decisions.

Financial Institutions get answers in real time to credit and risk problems, with the ability to aggregate and analyze multiple data sources. This saves time, minimizes fraud and ensures that regulatory requirements are met.

Service Companies

Our proven solutions provide the tools that service companies need to act quickly and confidently on customer credit and service issues.

Furthermore, CRIF offers solid business process management that provides a quick response during the customer origination phase, helps manage risk and maximize profitability, minimizes the risk of identity fraud, and helps maintain consistency and compliance.

The solutions also increase efficiency, effectiveness and ROI. Through our integration capabilities, different areas can align their objectives with corporate goals.

Insurance Companies

CRIF assists insurance companies in every phase of their activity, offering a complete range of high quality services in the search for effective partners, profitable networks, cost rationalization and access to impartial tools which can be used to set targets.

Integrated information systems and the specific skills needed to get the most out of them are needed to balance business risks and opportunities in order to optimize business processes.

It is the in-depth knowledge of the country, agencies and clients which is the decisive competitive advantage we bring to the relationship with their partners.