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In today’s global context, major credit bureaus, financial institutions and department stores in over 50 countries, including Mexico, Central America and the Caribbean use CRIF services and solutions.
  • Over 6,300 institutions use our solutions worldwide and recognize the benefits of be our partners.
  • CRIF offers a comprehensive and highly integrated approach to decision making, in order to provide your insititution with a distinct competitive advantage.
  • CRIF: Global experience with over 25 years in the market of consumers and SMEs. More than 13 years with presence in Mexico.
  • Solutions for financial institutions, banks, credit bureaus, services and insurance companies for credit and risk decisions making. Building the right solution for its clients: consumers and SMEs.​
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We operate in all phases of the customer relationship, from strategic planning, fraud prevention, portfolio origination and management, and risk management, to debt collection.

Focus On

  • How do I know if the credit analysis of my company is the right one? What decisions should I take now?​

    CreditBility is the CRIF tool that allows you to have a clear overview of strategies being implemented by its decision engine StrategyOne, and objectively analyzes the level of success of each credit strategy. It is the perfect companion to the CRIF decision engine, StrategyOne.
  • How can I process the entire behavior history of my customers to make future decisions?

    StrategyOne is a complete business rules management system that enables your organization to identify the right targets, increase customer loyalty, boost sales and profits, manage risk, and implement business and regulatory policies and procedures.
  • Would you like to improve and manage the profitability of your portfolio in the best way possible?

    Through its behavior score solutions and decision engine, StrategyOne – offered both in-house or as an outsourcing service (Software as a Service or Decisioning as a Service) – CRIF can provide advice to help achieve your desired profitability using risk control metrics and a more proactive approach.
  • Case Study: origination solution selected by a well-known company in the automotive sector.

    This important organization was looking for a tool to enable it to operate more dynamically and efficiently in the market. A custom solution for origination risk assessment was implemented, providing greater accuracy, more consistency and objectivity, and much shorter response times, including the possibility of incorporating external or internal databases in the assessment.
  • The cost of fraud is very high. How can I avoid this?

    Fraud can occur with any type of credit product, and is often undetectable. The fight against fraud requires a combination of advanced analytical tools and methods. With CRIF solutions you will spend less time collecting and organizing information for decision-making, resulting in higher quality and more accurate decisions and lower costs.
  • Maximize the potential of credit bureau information.

    In this time of rapidly changing economic and business conditions, many lenders are faced with the challenge of editing and deploying their risk decision characteristics quickly enough to consistently make accurate and profitable decisions.

    With RapUP, the market's leading characteristic development system, risk and credit analysts can easily create and modify the characteristics used in the decision process, from a desktop-based design application.
  • Would you like to control and automate the debt collection process without damaging the relationship with your customers?

    CLever is a solution offered to banks and financial institutions for the efficient and complete management of their collection processes.

    CLever allows banks and financial institutions to achieve more effective management of accounts in arrears, through a structured definition of tasks, assignments and policies, and constant enforcement and monitoring, thus enabling significant process streamlining and automation.
  • How can I measure credit risk objectively?

    Identification, measurement and quantification are key elements in addressing credit risk, and it is vital to have solutions that allow you to assess and continuously monitor each credit line, as well as quality, key trends and portfolio performance. CRIF offers a comprehensive range of scoring solutions.
  • How can I check if my scoring models are still effective?

    Scoring model validation or auditing should be performed periodically, reviewing and assessing various aspects of the model, such as: design, variables, and data quality, its effectiveness in ordering risk (discriminatory power) amongst other things. CRIF scoring models help define a more objective, consistent credit policy, provide more efficient risk management, and improved communication with the sales network.
  • Are you interested in support for the processing and calculation of capital reserves?

    In line with Basel II and III requirements, CRIF provides internal rating solutions with methodologies and tools that enable financial intermediaries to optimize the allocation of resources and maximize overall profitability.

    Paying particular attention to the relationship between compliance issues and business opportunities, CRIF offers a capital reserve processing and calculation service.
  • Are you looking to improve efficiency and reduce the costs of credit origination and portfolio management?

    Reducing costs and response times in the Origination and Portfolio Management phases are important to achieving your institution's goals.

    That's why CRIF offers a range of outsourcing solutions, designed with the characteristics and capabilities to guarantee institutions savings in specific technological investments, quick time-to-market, improvements in sales network performance, and process innovation.
Events   News

Royal Albert Hall, London - July 5, 2017.
​CRIF Decision Solutions Ltd will be sponsor at the British Insurance Awards at the Royal Albert Hall on July 5th.
San Antonio, Texas, May 7-10, 2017
​As a showcase event for clients and prospects, the 2017 CRIF Lending Solutions Forum will be held May 7-10 in San Antonio, Texas.

Mexico City, May 4, 2016
CRIF sponsors the Transforming SME Banking event

In April 2016, CRIF LAC participated in and sponsored an event held in Mexico City organized by Hanson Wade, a global events company, which brought together leaders of the Latin American banking industry to discuss “Transforming SME Banking”.
Kingston, Jamaica, March 17, 2017
CRIF strengthens its positioning in Jamaica by acquiring all shares in CRIF NM Credit Assure Ltd.
​CRIF, a global company providing credit bureau, business information and credit solutions, has announced today the acquisition of the remaining shares in CRIF NM Credit Assure Ltd., a joint venture between CRIF and Massy based in Kingston.
Events Worldwide
Events Worldwide